Conference Topics

Abstracts and papers not only addressing the technology would be welcome, also dealing with aspects of economy and environmental impact results

Smart farming / Precision agriculture (including precision livestock farming)
Automation, robotics and sensor technology
Artificial Intelligence, data processing and management (including digital services)
Soil, land and water engineering
Integrated and sustainable Farming systems (including feed production systems, harvest and production technologies)
Sustainable production in Farm buildings (including animal housing and welfare, emissions and air quality, greenhouses, storage facilities)
New application technologies and mechanisation (including design and applications, both in agriculture and forestry)
Circular Economy (including nutrients management, waste management and LCA)
Energy and bioenergy (including production, storage, consumption, efficiency; GHG reduction, storage, transformation)
Post-harvest technologies and losses (food processing, selection and grading, food loss risk mitigation, food waste)
Education and Rural development (including knowledge transfer, attractiveness, broadband deployment and digital skills)

Abstract Topics

Artificial intelligence
Automation, Robotics and Sensors
Circular economy
Education and Rural Development
Energy and Bioenergy
Integrated and Sustainable Farming Systems
New Application Technologies and Mechanisation
Post-Harvest Technologies and Losses
Smart Farming/Precision Agriculture
Soil, Land and Water Engineering
Sustainable production in Farm Buildings

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