Music for Flute Solo by Greek Contemporary Composers

Thursday, August 25, 13:30–14:00 • Museum of Casts, 319

Theodora IORDANIDOU (flute)

The 21st Quinquennial IMS Congress hosts the flute recital of Greek flutist Theodora Iordanidou with works for flute solo by Greek contemporary composers. The recital will begin with the tonal two-part Sonatina, an early work by Giorgos Sakallieros. Subsequently, Chorochronia I will be presented, one of the first atonal works by Giorgos Zervos, which was choreographed for the Greek National School of Dance. Minas Borboudakis’s Aeolian Elegy, written for the flute festival “Flutemeetings 2007” in Volos, attempts to demonstrate different aspects of the wind through the use of extended techniques for modern flute. The recital closes with the self-reflecting Lament for Theodore by Costas Tsougras, a memorial to the acclaimed Greek composer and professor Theodore Antoniou.


• Giorgos Sakallieros (b. 1972), Sonatina (1995)
1. “Ballade 1994”
2. “Quasi Rondo”
• Giorgos Zervos (b. 1947), Chorochronia I (1988)
• Minas Borboudakis (b. 1974), Aeolian Elegy (2006/7)
• Costas Tsougras (b. 1966), Lament for Theodore (2020)