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ECBIP 2021 Terms & Conditions



* For both Physical or Virtual Participation 

• All registration fees are quoted in Euro (€) and taxes are included.

• Payment in any other currency will not be accepted.

• Invoices with an address in the European Union must be provided with a VAT Number. The invoicing address and VAT number can be set up during the registration process.

• Any modification on VAT number, address or financial documentation, requested after the issuing of the invoice or receipt, will result in an administrative fee of € 50.

• Registration fees are based on the applicable -on the date of payment- fee. The prices indicated are only applicable if BOTH the registration request AND payment are received before midnight, Central European Time (GMT +2), on the relevant registration deadline; otherwise the higher registration fee will apply.

• A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion of your registration. For your registration to be valid and completed, the outstanding amount mentioned should be less or equal to zero. You are advised to have this confirmation, in your easily accessible records, should there be a need to present it (if physically attending) at the registration desk at the Congress venue.


Payment Details

You may pay by credit card or bank transfer* till closing of pre-registration: midnight of 08 October 2021, Central European Summer Time (CEST).

If the payment is not submitted by the deadline for the fee applicable, the outstanding amount will be changed to the one that corresponds to the next registration period.

From 09 October 2021 onwards:

• Physical attendees | can pay by credit card ONLY at the registration desk, operating throughout Congress days.

• Virtual attendees | can pay by credit card ONLY through the on-line registration platform operating until 17 October 2021.


*   Bank Details:



ACCOUNT NUMBER (IBAN): DE32600301000030950007


Deposit reason: "ECBIP 2021" & DELEGATE' S NAME

Account holder: CONVIN SA

Bank charges: Responsibility of the payer


Cancellation & Alteration Policy

For any cancellation or alteration of your registration, the Professional Congress Organizer (CONVIN S.A.) must be notified in writing by e-mail at registrations@ecbip2021.org

Registration cancellations or alterations are subject to the following conditions:

* For Physical attendance


Conversion to Virtual Registration

Until 15 April 2021:  you may convert to virtual with 50% refund of the fee difference less 30 € administrative fee.

• From 16 April 2021 onwards: you may convert to virtual, with no refund of fee difference.


Cancellation Policy

Until 15 April 2021: full refund will be given less 30€ administrative fee   

• From 16 April to 15 June 2021: 50% refund will be given less 30€ administrative fee

• From 16 June 2021 onwards: no refund granted, only conversion to virtual applicable (see above)


Alterations / Name changes Policy

• Until 30 April 2021: a name change can apply with no additional fee

• From 01 May to 26 July 2021: name changes are permitted, upon payment of a € 30 administrative fee per change.

• From 27 July 2021 onwards: no name changes will be accepted.

• Non-shows at the Congress will be charged the full fee.



* For Virtual attendance


Conversion to Physical Registration

• Until 26 July 2021: you may convert your registration to physical, upon payment of fee difference

• From 27 July 2021 onwards: you may convert your registration to physical, upon payment of fee difference plus 50€ administrative fee


Cancellation Policy

• Until 15 April 2021: full refund will be given less 30€ administrative fee

• From 16 April 2021 onwards: 100% cancellation fee applies


Alterations / Name changes Policy

• Until 30 April 2021: name changes allowed without penalty

• From 01 May to 26 July 2021: name changes permitted, upon payment of € 30 administrative fee per change.

• From 27 July 2021 onwards: no name changes will be accepted


**All refunds, either for physical or virtual attendance (including fee difference for those who wish to change from physical to virtual participation), will be processed two (2) months after the closing of the Congress, minus bank charges.



Certificates of attendance will be granted according to delegate attendance. In case of non-show (physical attendance) or non-entry in the platform (virtual attendance) during Congress dates, no certification of attendance will be offered.


An application for CME accreditation of this Congress will been submitted to EACCME-UEMS. CME accreditation will be granted by separate certification according to attendance of Congress sessions. In order to obtain their CME statement for ECBIP 2021, registered delegates will be asked to fill in an online Evaluation Form after the completion of the Congress and within a period of three weeks. Thereafter, the evaluation will be closed and no CME certification can be obtained, as the provider EABIP is obliged to report the EACCME-UEMS on delegate feedback.


Important note: Industry supported sessions and Workshops, as well as any function running in parallel with them in the Congress program, will remain outside the CME accredited content of ECBIP 2021. Attendance will not be calculated and CMEs will not be granted with reference to industry related content.


Attendance through the virtual platform is under the premise that registered delegates accept the below Data privacy statement. All details included in the virtual attendance platform are available to users strictly for personal and not for commercial use, only for information purposes, and can be changed or deleted without prior notice. Use, reproduction and publication, in whole or in part, through any printed or electronic means, is strictly forbitten without prior written consent by EABIP, HTAIP and the PCO, Convin SA.


The organizers will ensure that CME scientific content shared is the same, regardless of in-person or virtual attendance. However, this does not apply for industry sponsored content, as industry will hold sessions and workshops in the format of their choice.


With reference to physical (in-person) attendance:

By registering, you automatically accept to respect the following Instructions:
-Megaron Athens International Conference Center (MAICC) is the Congress venue. Please visit the 
relevant section to find out more regarding the venue policy. 

-Hazardous substances are not allowed in the premises

-Safety & security measures need to be respected

Protocols are applicable during the current COVID-19 pandemic, with reference to in person attendance of the Congress. Please visit the
 Useful Information website page for more. By registering for in-person attendance, delegates of ECBIP 2021 accept to adhere to rules and regulations applicable, as stated in the aforementioned link. The Organizers, will assume no responsibility for fines, fees or penalties due to non-compliance of delegates and reserve the right to refuse attendance in cases of non-compliance to pandemic protocols within venue premises.

With reference to virtual (online) attendance:

All virtual attendees of the Hybrid ECBIP 2021 Congress must comply with the Virtual Attendee Policies on the Hybrid ECBIP 2021 Congress, as described in this section.

Liability and Insurance

No right to further claims or waiving of fees will arise, should the Organizers be obliged to alter the programming of Congress proceedings.

Participants are encouraged to make arrangements on their own insurance regarding health, cancellation, travel, loss of personal possessions, accident, etc. The EABIP, HTAIP and the ECBIP 2021 Professional Congress Organizer (CONVIN S.A.) accept no liability.

In the event of serious, special or unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, the organizers shall be entitled to cancel or modify the dates of the event. You shall not be entitled to compensation for any loss or damages incurred as a consequence of such a cancellation or change.



Data Privacy Statement

The information you supply in the online form is required to process your registration and will be held in the customer data files of the organizer(s). They may be used for marketing and communication purposes only by the EABIP, HTAIP and the Professional Congress Organizer (CONVIN S.A.), within the context of this event or other educational meetings of the same or similar thematic.

You have the absolute right to access, amend and oppose any use of this personal data by writing to info@ecbip2021.org

The information included in the abstract(s) that you submit will be made available to the Congress reviewers.


The information you provide to us will remain in the Company's archives, in electronic format and access will only be allowed to persons under the control of the Company and only on its instructions, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Your personal data will be maintained by the Company as long as no explicit objection has been stated. In any case you retain the rights provided by the applicable law (i.e the right to request access to/or correct your personal data, to oppose to the processing of all or some of them, to have your personal data deleted after completion of your participation in the Congress etc.).

To exercise any of the aforementioned rights, or for any issue referring to the use of your personal data, please contact the Organizers in writing at info@ecbip2021.org. To ensure that your personal data are used according to your wishes, we urge you to mind the Data Privacy section and respective authorizations, when filling in your registration form.

Phishing Awareness

You are strongly advised to be alert for unauthorized agents who may contact you directly by email or phone, offering their services.

(CONVIN S.A.) is the only authorized agency for ECBIP 2021, as the officially appointed Professional Congress Organizer.