IALM 2024

May 21-23

Athens, Greece



IALM 2024 is pleased to support Merimna and its significant work as part of our commitment to social responsibility.
Merimna (which in Greek means “Care”) is the only organisation in Greece for the care of children and families coping with a chronic and life-limiting health condition (Palliative Care) or the death of a loved person (bereavement counseling).
The organization was founded in 1995, and it provides the following services:

  1. Pediatric Palliative Home Care Service in Athens (PPHCS). Our PPHCS offers medical, nursing and psychosocial care to children and teens living with a life[1]threatening illness at home, as well as to all their family members (parents, siblings, grand-parents). This service operates 24/7, 365 days per year.
  2. Two Childhood Bereavement Counseling Centers, in Athens and in Thessaloniki, which provide support to bereaved children, parents and significant others through individual, family or group grief counseling. Additionally, during working hours, there are two Counseling Support telephone lines available in Athens and in Thessaloniki, for those who do not have access to our bereavement counseling centers.
  3. Specialized trainings for health care professionals and educators in order to effectively support children, families and school communities who are experiencing a significant loss.
  4. Psychosocial interventions after a traumatic event, crisis or major disaster that affects an entire community, aimed at supporting students, teachers and parents.
  5. Awareness raising of the Greek society regarding topics of pediatric palliative care and bereavement support.
In its 28 years of operation, Merimna has counted more than 55,000 beneficiaries (children and family members), has trained more than 5,000 teachers, 1,000 health professionals and 2,000 workers in shelters for unaccompanied refugee minors. Merimna provides its services to children and families free of charge thanks to funding from national and international institutions and generous donations from foundations, private companies and individuals committed to the mission and the work of the organization.

The Congress advocates and champions the values of sustainability for society and its people. It implements a multitude of measures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the event. From the initial event planning to execution, and from the moment you begin considering your travel arrangements until your return from the conference, this congress is committed to instigating sustainable solutions, serving as an inspiration, and elevating both learning and awareness. The objective is to ensure that the positive impacts significantly outweigh the negative ones.

Key sustainability measures include: • Selecting local suppliers to minimize long-distance transportation of goods and personnel
• Minimizing printing and striving for a nearly paperless office environment
• Providing contactless check-in for delegates and congress visitors
• Reducing energy consumption through the use of LED lighting and screens
• Limiting the number and variety of amenities
• Choosing catering partners with compost food and waste programs
• Selecting seasonal and regional food for catering
• Encouraging delegates to walk to and from meeting sessions and promoting the use of public transportation, such as metro, hybrid buses, trolleybuses, and trams.


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