AgEng 2024 Field Trip

July 4, 2024

Embark with us on a half-day tour of Attika, on the outskirts of Athens, designed to offer a captivating blend of observation, education, and unique experiences away from the typical conference activities.

We will visit two of the best business units of the private sector in the field of agricultural production on the region.

✔ A low carbon footprint premier greenhouse with hydroponic cultivation.

✔ The first bioclimatic winery in Greece, designed for a notably reduced carbon footprint with saving of a 30% in energy consumption in comparison to the usual standards.

Our day begins in the heart of Athens, leading us along the picturesque coastal line to the southern suburbs, where we'll explore the world of sustainable agriculture at one of Attika's premier geothermally heated greenhouses. Here, amidst lush hydroponic cultivation, we'll uncover the secrets of modern farming practices. Engaging in a dynamic Q&A session with the greenhouse owners, we'll gain invaluable insights into their personal journey, the challenges of production, and the innovative techniques employed to ensure quality and sustainability.

Enriched with newfound knowledge, our excursion continues eastward to explore one of the region's best wineries. Nestled among rolling vineyards, we'll embark on a journey through the lifecycle of the grape, tracing its story from vine to bottle. Delving into the winery's history, terroir, and best practices, we'll engage in insightful discussions with experts in the art of winemaking. Whether a seasoned connoisseur or an amateur enthusiast, all will relish the opportunity for a guided wine tasting experience, sampling five exquisite wines complemented by artisanal cheese platters.

As the day draws to a close, our tour concludes where it began, with a brief stop at the International Airport of Athens, for those bidding farewell to Athens or embarking on other adventures.

We will be happy to have you with us for a day of discovery and delight as we uncover the rich tapestry of Attika's agricultural heritage. Further details will be shared via personal email to all participants in the tour.


Kindly note that there is a limited number of seats available at an additional cost of only 60€ per person. We kindly urge all interested individuals to register as participants via our official registration platform. In case you would like to participate to our educational excursion having already been registered you can always edit your registration form accordingly. If so, you will receive an edit confirmation letter in your mailbox.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please reach out CONVIN at

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this exceptional event!

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