If I submit an abstract, do I have to attend the congress? 

You only have to attend if you are the presenting author in an accepted abstract. 

Therefore, we encourage you to submit an abstract only if you intend to attend the congress and present it.

Presentation details are available through the relevant website page “Instructions for presenters” 

How many abstracts can I submit? 

Answers vary depending on your role in the abstract submission process. If you will be:

·         the presenter (you are entitled to submit ............ abstract)

·         the first author (not necessarily the presenter), you are entitled to submit up to ................. abstracts

·         one of the co-authors (nor the presenter or the first author, both cases covered above), you are entitled to be part of as many abstracts as you want.

I have submitted an abstract, when will I know if it has been accepted?

Notification related to abstract evaluation status will be released on DATE.

How can I make changes to an abstract I have already submitted?

You can make changes to your abstract (through the online submission formuntil DATE (submission closing date).

My abstract has been accepted but I do not have a copy. Are you able to send me one? 

You can view your abstract through the online platform you used for submission. The codes you created the first time you logged in, remain the same should you wish to check anything related with your abstract submission. 

Is there a specific template I have to use to submit my abstract?

No specific template is required to submit your abstract. Please visit the relevant section of the website and follow the instructions provided for abstract submission.

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