Plenary C: The 7th WCRI Cape Town statement on fostering research integrity through fairness and equity one year on

Banqueting Hall
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
8:30 - 10:00
Banqueting Hall


This plenary session will provide an overview of the now published Cape Town Statement on Fostering Research Integrity through Equity and Fairness. See article in Nature published on the 24th March 2023. Key aspects of the statement will be highlighted including how and why a lack of fairness and equity in research can impact the integrity of research. The values recognised in the statement as important will be briefly summarized as well as the core areas of action identified, namely increasing diversity and inclusivity, fair practice in all aspects of research, supporting research management and translation infrastructure and processes, and the recognition of indigenous knowledge and role-players. Speakers will specifically be asked to focus on how the statement can support the catalysing of the translation of research conducted in a fair and equitable manner into trustworthy policy and innovation, in line with the 8th WCRI theme. They will include the perspective from a Publisher as well as either a representative of the Association of Commonwealth Universities ( ACU) speaking about the ACU Research Equity toolkit.


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Prof. Lyn Horn
Director, Office Of Research Integrity
University Of Cape Town

The Cape Town statement on fostering research integrity through fairness and equity: A recap and overview

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Dr. Ed Gerstner
Director, Research Environment Alliances
Springer Nature

Benchmarking academic editor diversity at Springer Nature journals

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Dr. Michelle Brear
Senior Researcher
University of Witwatersrand and Consultant For Association Of Commonwealth Universities

From principles to practice: using equitable partnership tools to action the Cape Town Statement


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Eleni Spyrakou
Senior Researcher
National Technical University Of Athens

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