Plenary B: The future(s) of reproducibility: how reproducibility reform improves research integrity

Banqueting Hall
Monday, June 3, 2024
13:30 - 15:00
Banqueting Hall


Reproducibility is a cornerstone of the scientific method (Popper 1944). Over the past decade, the scientific community has become increasingly concerned with the observed lack of reproducibility in research findings across various disciplines. This has raised questions about the trustworthiness and credibility of research results, their potential impact on research policy and innovation, and how it fosters research integrity. However, the conversation around reproducibility has evolved, and experts consider it an opportunity for positive change. They believe that the ‘reproducibility crisis’ could reform research cultures that stimulate bad practices. There is also a growing awareness of how (ir)reproducibility may differ across fields (Fanelli2018) and how different epistemological and methodological conditions shape its implications and consequences (Leonelli2018) including the implementation of policy that promotes reproducibility. In this plenary symposium, leading experts present the current state of affairs (1) related to disciplinary diversity, they presented new research results (2), which explore stakeholders’ (researchers, funders, and publishers) vision for their ideal future(s) for reproducibility, including the implementation of policy that foster research integrity. We discuss the culture change (3) needed to take the next steps for adaptation of reproducibility in diverse academic contexts and finally, we discuss the perspective of publishers on reproducibility.


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Dr. Timothy Errington
Center for Open Science (COS)

Building a research culture that is open, rigorous, and reproducible

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Dr. Joeri Tijdink
Principal Investigator
AmsterdamUMC/VU University

The Future(s) of reproducibility from different disciplinary contexts

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Dr. Liz Allen
F1000, Taylor & Francis Group

The future of reproducibility from a publishers perspective


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Lex Bouter
Professor Emeritus of Methodology and Integrity
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Medical Centers

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John Smith